Chaos For Lunch - Finger Sleeves

Updated: 2022-02-04 

Quality Assurance 
  • We make sure the products that we ship are of the highest quality by selecting the best suppliers.
  • We thoughtfully consider the buying and unpacking experience that customers have with our brand and design it to be an enjoyable process.
  • We engineer everything along the path of getting your purchase from us, to you. 
  • We assign a unique identification number to each incoming batch from our suppliers. 
  • We visually inspect each and every item.
  • We have Chaos For Lunch select at least two finger sleeves from each batch so he can personally test them.  
Produce Care
  • Runs or snags will appear especially if you pull too hard when putting on the finger sleeve.
  • Do not pull on frays or strains of spandex or silver fibers.
  • Typically finger sleeves will wear out before they need to be washed.
  • Hand wash in cold water and mild soap.
  • Do not wring or twist.
  • Air dry flat on a towel.