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by Chaos For Lunch 

Updated: 2023-11-15
Published: 2022-06-29 

Clan: Chaos For Lunch 
Clan Leader: ChaosForLunch 
Server: Khalim's Will 
Region: North America - West 

Allied Clan Leader: Seat Vacant
Allied Clan Leader: Seat Vacant

Please note that we have zero intentions to forge alliances with other clans ... specifically, during the Challenge of the Immortal battle.  We are interested in competitive match making during all activities, including but not limited to: Rite of Exile, Challange of the Immortal, Raid the Vault, Ancient Arena, Battlegrounds, etc.  In other words, players that are playing within the rules of the game and playing to win.  So just to be clear, the only foreseeable scenario where we will have Allied Clan Leaders would be if we won the Challange of the Immortal and selected two other clans to join us as immortals.  Since the first day, from what i hear and have observed, being an immortal is a chore ... even after the quality-of-life improvements the devs have made.  The devs would need to change a few things so that being an immortal is fun and worthwhile.  Secondly, we would have to believe that everyone on our server that is fighting in Challange of the Immortal have zero alliances and are fighting to win that battle.  If those two things happen, and we won the Challange of the Immortal, we plan to select two other clans that would bring the most balance to the server ... so that the immortals vs. shadows activities will be competitive and fun.         

Chaos For Lunch Diablo Immortal Shadow Wars Top 10 Dark Clans

I started playing Diablo Immortal on 1 June 2022 ... I was a Shadow, completed Akeba's Challange, and paid 3,000 Platinum to create a Dark Clan.  Then when the reign of Nasum ended, the Dark Clan that I formed was converted into an Adventure clan.

So clan members needed to 
submit Akeba's Signets to our clan so we could become a Dark Clan.  In other words, clan members needed to complete the steps below.  

  • Reach level 43 and complete the storyline quest in Bilefen
  • Enter the Shadow Lottery at Westmarch Tavern at 12 p.m., 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. Server Time.
  • Win the Shadow Lottery
  • Speak with the Mysterious Patron
  • Complete the Shadow Mettle quest
  • Submit Akeba's Signets to our clan

Clan Member Requirements

  • Open Vault Chests during Raid the Vault ...Because this is our Dark Clan Focus
  • Submit Akeba's Signets to our clan when the clan needs them.  Specifically, when a Dark Clan overthrows the Immortal and all dark clans become Adventure clans again.

We Encourage All Clan Members

  • Bookmark this page or add it to your Favorites so you will have it for a quick reference. 
  • Follow ... ChaosForLunch on Twitter and / or Instagram ... because, when we update this page ... we plan to Tweet and post the updated info.
  • Patch Notes
    Diablo Immortal — Blizzard News
  • Join the Chaos For Lunch server on Discord https://discord.gg/UBNQ3As
    • We have a Discord group that only members of our clan can join.
    • Message me in game and let me know what your Discord is e.g., Sigma#1234 and I will add you to our group.
  • If you think or feel like something is missing from this page, simply Contact us.  Make the Subject of your message: Blog - Diablo Immortal. 

  • Fishing 
  • Paragon Gear that drops in Hell difficulties are gated by Paragon.  Paragon level is a rough indication of how active a player is ... especially when you compare your Paragon to the Server Paragon Level.  Max XP Rewards looks like it's 800%. 
    • Under ... Server Paragon ... Green Bar ... Boosted XP Rewards
      • 3-4 under ... 120%
      • 1-2 under ... 110%
    • At ... Server Paragon ... Blue Bar ... XP Rewards: 100%
    • Over ... Server Paragon ... Red Bar ... Reduced XP Rewards
      • 1-2 over ... 80%
      • 3-4 over ... 60%
      • 5-6 over ... 50%
      • 7-8 over ... 40%
      • 9-10 over ... 30%
      • 11-12 over ... 20%
  • Challange Rifts Not clearing Challange Rifts ... is most often, the thing that is holding back players that feel stuck Combat Rating wise. 

    Completing certain Challange Rifts and reaching certain Paragon levels will improve items acquired from Challange Rifts, Elder Rifts, Cycle of Strife activates, and the Antiquities & Rarities vendor.  
    • Challange Rift 12, Paragon 1
    • Challange Rift 30, Paragon 30
    • Challange Rift 60, Paragon 80
    • Challange Rift 95, Paragon 150
    • Challange Rift 140, Paragon 240
    • Challange Rift 164, Paragon 360
    • Challange Rift 204, Paragon 480
    • Challange Rift 238, Paragon 600
Level Enigmatic Crystals Monster CR
12 5 520
30 40 1,220
60 50 2,120
95 100 3,250
140 150 5,025
150 150 5,475
160 175 5,975
170 175 6,475
180 200 6,975
190 250 7,815
200 250 8,656
  • Kiting Learning how and mastering the art of kiting, herding monsters into a densely populated line, will greatly improve your ability to clear Challange Rifts.

  • Path of Blood Rewards: Mark.  Path of Blood has 100 levels.  After a new reign begins the Path of Blood becomes more difficult.  In other words, if you cleared all 100 levels during the previous reign ... you will need to become stronger (read: increase combat rating) so you can clear 100 levels during the new reign.  

    Combat Rating of the Monsters for each Level are now posted in game.
  • Essence Mastery ... is huge.  One of the best ways to become stronger without spending money. 

  • Shadows Stages ... completing stages unlocks things
    • Planning
      • Ability to recruit Adventurers
    • Gathering
      • Rite of Exile Activity
    • Showdown
      • +10% Damage done and -10% Damage taken in Rite of Exile and Challange of the Immortal.  Unlimited recruitment for the Shadows.
    • Reckoning I
      • +20% Damage done and -20% Damage taken in Rite of Exile and Challange of the Immortal. 
    • Reckoning II
      • Rite of Exile and Challange of the Immortal Bonus: Damage done increased by 30% and Damage taken decreased by 25%
    • Reckoning III
      • Rite of Exile now requires a minimum of 3 wins to proceed to Challange of the Immortal.
    • Reckoning IV
      • Rite of Exile now requires a minimum of 1 win to proceed to Challange of the Immortal.
    • Reckoning V
      • Rite of Exile and Challange of the Immortal Bonus: Damage done increased by 45% and Damage taken decreased by 30%
    • Reckoning VI
      • Rite of Exile and Challange of the Immortal Bonus: Damage done increased by 50% and Damage taken decreased by 33%
    • Reckoning VII
      • ... Coming Soon ???
  • Dark Clan Advantages Unlock when our Dark Clan reaches Rank 1, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, and 16.  Dark Clan Advantages roll random and are not tied to our Dark Clan rank.  Dark Clan leaders can re-roll once.
    • Leaps and Bounds
      • 10% increased Marks earned by your Dark Clan members 
    • Rapid Progress
      • 10% increased experience earned by your Dark Clan members
          • By the Sword
            • Your Dark Clan members deal 3% more and take 3% less damage when fighting Immortals.
            • Freedom
              • Loss of control duration increased by 10% on Immortals and decreased by 10% on your Dark Clan members
            • War Without End
              • Immortals drop 1 to 3 health orbs when killed by you Dark Clan
            • Fury of the Shadows
              • When you damage Immortal Guardians, you have a 5% chance to gain 20% increased damage done to Immortal Guardians for a short time.
            • Hunters
              • Your Dark Clan members deal 3% more and take 3% less damage when fighting Immortal Guardians
            • Master of the Elements
              • 5% chance to Burn or Chill Immortal Guardians
            • Beat the Odds
              • Members gain a random boost in the Path of Blood 
            • Infiltration
              • 20% chance for a Vault floor to have no Wardens
              • Shadows' Assembly.  Rewards: Aspirant's Keys, Mark, etc.

              • Complete ... Shadow >>> Activities >>> Contracts

              • Shadow Wars (Thursday and Saturday) players above level 51.  Battle last up to 7 minutes.  Practice by playing the Challange of the Immortal in the Court of Whispers.  Rewards: Legendary Crest, Aspirant's Keys, Shadow War Spoils. 

                Periodically, we will make certain Shadow War battles required.

              • Shadow War - Pro Tips by Lida on YouTube (148) Shadow War Tips - Highly Requested - YouTube
                • Main Battle - Defense ... Immortal aka Big Guy
                  • Mountebank set does not function ... all other sets do.
                  • Set Warband weapon to Stun.
                • Main Battle - Attacker
                  • Stay alive ... it takes less time to bandage then it does to die and get back in the fight.  Our overall DPS will increase with fewer deaths.
                  • If you die ... you drop a globe ... when the enemies Big Guy picks up that globe ... it makes him stronger.
                  • Your build needs to be tuned for damage and mobility.
                  • Their Big Guy can Leap.
                  • Time and use your high damage attacks and skill after he leaps.
                  • Paragon Trees
                    • Mastermind ... party with 4 different classes.
                    • Duelist ... if you don't take damage often.
                    • Vanquisher ... seems to work well too.
                  • Sets (green gear) Secondary Gear. 
                  • Things that do damage over time: Burns, Poisons, etc.
                  • Demon Hunters: Daring Swing or Escape for Mobility.
                  • Necros: Wraith Form for Mobility. Minion Builds (not mages).
                  • Crusaders: Celestial Steed, Holy Banner, Arrow Keeper.
                  • Barb: Battle Master's Helm for War Cry and Group Sprint, Undying Rage.
                  • Monk: Shield of Zen with movement speed for you and your party, Inner Sanctuary with Empathy's Blessing helm (or inherit essence), Fist of Thunder.
                  • Wizard: Teleport for Mobility, Lighting Nova with The Siphon off-hand (or inherit essence).
                • Shadow War - Support Battle 1 and Support Battle 2
                  • You will be attacking an NPC.
                  • Your build needs to be tuned for damage and mobility.
                  • Damage the enemy's Bug Guy to add damage to the Main Battle.  After you defeat their Big Guy .. he will respawn or revive himself and you continue to deal damage and defeat him until the battle is over ... however, the max damage each Support Battle can add to our Main Battle is 30%.  See Table below. 
            Enemy Big Guy's Life Added Damage to Main Battle
            66% 5%
            33% 10%
            0% 15%
            66% 17.5%
            33% 20%
            0% 22.5%
            66% 25%
            33% 27.5%
            0% 30%
            • Rite of Exile Players must be Showdown or Reckoning on the Shadow development Stages.  Our clan must also place among the Top 10 in the Shadow War event.  The Rite of Exile is a 3-stage 8v8 PvP battle ... the format, map, and objectives are exactly like Battlegrounds when you are on offense ... Defeat 3 Sacred Guardians, Escort at least 1 Zealous Idol, and Destroy the Sacred Heart.  Each task has a time limit, if we fail to complete the task within the time limit, the Immortals will win the match.  If the Immortals get 55 eliminations, they win.
            • Milestones to a New a Reign ... from what I understand, over the course of approx. 6 weeks, shadows will become strong enough to overthrow the Immortal.  Specifically in the Shadow development Stage Reckoning III, which reads: Rite of Exile now requires a minimum of 3 wins to proceed to Challange of the Immortal.  Before Reckoning III is completed, Shadows are required to win 5 matches during Rite of Exile.  
              • Shadow War - Preliminary 
                • if we win 
              • Shadow War - Finals
                • if we are a Top 10 Dark Clan
              • Rite of Exile
                • if Shadows win 5 (or 3) out of 10 matches
              • Challange of the Immortal
                • if Shadows defeat the Immortal
              • Shadows fight until there is only one shadow or clan remaining.
              • The clan leader of the winning clan becomes the new Immortal.
            • Deeds of Valor Badges that will give you huge Life and Damage increases.  Detailed info is available in game on what determines which badge you will earn.  The short version is: Activity Shadow Activities (BGs, etc.), Loyalty Shadow Membership Duration, Participation Shadow Rank and BGs Rank, Impact e.g., Dark Clan Leader, Rite of Exile participating, Rite of Exile Win.
              • Immortals
                • The Ready: Life and Damage Increase 2% 
                • The Resolute: Life and Damage Increase 4%
                • Sun-Spirited: Life and Damage Increase 6%
                • the Indomitable: Life and Damage Increase 8%
                • Kion's Chosen: Life and Damage Increase 12%
                • The Eternal: Life and Damage Increase 20%
              • Shadows
                • The Observant: Life and Damage Increase 2% 
                • Mocking Tongue: Life and Damage Increase 4%
                • Hound of Truth: Life and Damage Increase 6%
                • The All-Knowing: Life and Damage Increase 8%
                • Akeba's Chosen: Life and Damage Increase 12%
              • Adventurer
                • Wanderer: Life and Damage Increase 2% 
                • Strider: Life and Damage Increase 4%
                • Boundless: Life and Damage Increase 6%
            • Raid the Vault Exiting the vault after clearing level 3 and having zero wardens alert the Immortals is ok ... you will actually receive significantly more Hilts ... and all of the Essentia and loot (stolen resources) that you picked up from the vault will be taken from the Immortals.  If you die in the vault to an Immortal ... the Essentia and loot that you picked up will drop on the vault floor.

              Players seem to like to fight the Immortal team on Floor 4 at the Boss so they can pick up health globes the Boss drops.  These fights are more fun i think ... than fighting on spawn.
            • Warband a great way to get stronger.  There is no requirement that your Warband has to be all members of our clan.  It is helpful though ... because you will be helping people get stronger that we will be fighting with ... instead of helping someone that we will fight against.
              • Warband Raids
                • Warband Activity points
                • Eternal Legendary Crest
              • Ancestral Tableau
              • Defense - Endless
              • Defense - Normal
              • Purge the Depths
            • Helliquary Raids Resets every Monday and Thursday.  Rewards: Scoria and much more.  You will want to defeat each boss on the highest difficulty that you can ... because items dropped for your Helliquary will be stronger.
            • Iben Fahd's Sanctum Daily (or as often as you play) slay monsters and collect Aspirant's Keys.  Open the one chest for free, save all other keys ... because you will need 377 keysto open all of the chests in all 4 rooms.  You can get keys from Hilts Trader, Battlegrounds, Iben Fahd's Sanctum, Shadow Assembly, Shadow War, Daedess'a Blessing on Elder Rift, and Shop.  The number of Culling Stones significantly increases as you open more chests.  I have opened all of the chest and I got 2,529 Culling Stones; 896 Sapphire, 716 Garnet, and 1,026 Beryl.  See Tables 1 and 2 below.  I have opened all of the chest more than once and the quantity of Culling Stones gained has varied greatly ... the most common quantity of Culling Stones I've gained is 1,709.  

            Table 1
            Iben Fahd's Sanctum - Culling Stones

            before Room 1 after Room 1 after Room 2 after Room 3 after Room 4 after Hidden Chest Gain
            Sapphire (Blue) 29 63 174 526 889 896 867
            Garnet (Orange) 13 35 239 474 707 716 703
            Beryl (Green) 67 91 191 564 1,024 1,026 959
            Total 109 189 604 1,564 2,620 2,638 2,529

            Table 2

            Iben Fahd's Sanctum - Aspirant's Keys 

            Room 1 Room 2 Room 3 Room 4 Total
            Aspirant's Keys 15 70 120 172 377
            Culling Stones 80 415 960 1,074 2,529
            Culling Stones per Aspirant's Key 5.33 5.93 8.00 6.24 6.71
            • Primary Gear Helm (Head), Chest, Shoulders, Pants, Main Hand, Off-Hand.  Rank up to increase your Combat Rating.  Periodically, you will receive Bonus Attributes ... up to 5 Bonus Attributes per item.   

            • Consider buying Weapons and Primary Armor from the Antiquities & Rarities merchant.  You can get really good items from him to use in your build, extract Essence, or salvage for Glowing Shards.  

            • Salvage You should not rely on the green up arrows to equip or salvage gear.  In other words, it is possible that you have an item that has zero green up arrows ... and that item will increase your Combat Rating if you equip it.  

            • Attributes Know which Attribute is primary for your character class.  The primary Attribute for Demon Hunter is Strength.  Each point of Strength gives a Demon Hunter +0.3 Damage.2

            • Set Items are great secondary gear.3  All Set Items except Rings roll with 1-3 Attributes, 1-3 Magic, and 1-3 Sockets.  Rings roll with 1-3 Attributes, 1-3 Magic, and 1 Socket.  The 2/6, 4/6, and 6/6 Bonuses for Set Items are so good ... especially because Legendary Gems are nerfed in Battlegrounds ... Set Bonuses are not nerfed in Battlegrounds.  Each dungeon has possibility to drop certain items for a set.  See Tables 3-11 below.  Secondary Gear upgrade cost See Tables 12-A and 12-B below. 
            Table 3
            Dungeons - Set Items

            Neck Ring 1 Ring 2 Hands Waist Feet
            Cavern of Echoes Grace Mountebank Mountebank Gloomguide’s Urges Baron's
            Destruction's End Baron's Urges Urges Shepherd's Windloft Issatar
            Forgotten Tower Windloft Shepherd's Shepard's Issatar Shal'baas Mountebank
            Kikuras Rapids Urges Gloomguide’s Gloomguide’s Baron's Shepard's Windloft
            Mad King's Breach Issatar Windloft Windloft Shal'baas Mountebank Grace
            Pit of Anguish Mountebank Shal'baas Shal'baas Grace Gloomguide’s Urges
            Silent Monastery Shal'baas Issatar Issatar Mountebank Grace Gloomguide’s
            Temple of Namari Gloomguide’s Grace Grace Urges Baron's Shepard's
            Tomb of Fahir Shepard's Baron's Baron's Windloft Issatar Shal'baas

            Table 4-A
            Set Items - Feasting Baron's Pack

            Item Slot Dungeon
            The Subjugator Neck Destruction's End
            The Turnkey Ring 1 Tomb of Fahir
            The Prisoner Ring 2 Tomb of Fahir
            The Mailed Fist Hands Kikuras Rapids
            The Gaoler Waist Temple of Namari
            The Tyrant Feet Cavern of Echoes

            Table 4-B

            Set Items - Gloomguide’s Prize

            Item Slot Dungeon
            The Stifled Wail Neck Temple of Namari
            Curling Shadow Ring 1 Kikuras Rapids
            Panicked Ring 2 Kikuras Rapids
            Rambler's Nerve Hands Cavern of Echoes
            Chattertooth Waist Pit of Anguish
            Unseen Stride Feet Silent Monastery

            Table 5

            Set Items - Grace of the Flagellant 

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Slit Throat Neck Cavern of Echoes
            Broken Palm Ring 1 Temple of Namari
            Severed Thumb Ring 2 Temple of Namari
            Bloody Hand Hands Pit of Anguish
            Open Gut Waist Silent Monastery
            Torn Sole Feet Mad King's Breach

            Table 6
            Set Items - Issatar Imbued

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Issatar at Rest Neck Mad King's Breach
            Issatar Enraged Ring 1 Silent Monastery
            Issatar Undone Ring 2 Silent Monastery
            Issatar's Open Hand Hands Forgotten Tower
            Issatar Contained Waist Tomb of Fahir
            Issatar the Brute Feet Destruction's End

            Table 7
            Set Items - Shepherd's Call to Wolves

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Shepherd and Architect Neck Tomb of Fahir
            Shepherd and Father Ring 1 Forgotten Tower
            Shepherd and Mother Ring 2 Forgotten Tower
            Shepherd and Beastmaster Hands Destruction's End
            Shepherd and Begetter Waist Kikuras Rapids
            Shepherd and Leader Feet Temple of Namari

            Table 8
            Set Items - Untouchable Mountebank

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Mountebank's Flourish Neck Pit of Anguish
            Mountebank's Misdirection Ring 1 Cavern of Echoes
            Mountebank's Marvel Ring 2 Cavern of Echoes
            Mountebank's Shirking Hands Silent Monastery
            Mountebank's Bravado Waist Mad King's Breach
            Mountebank's Slyness Feet Forgotten Tower

            Table 9
            Set Items - Vithu's Urges

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Awakener's Urge Neck Kikuras Rapids
            Modest Urge  Ring 1 Destruction's End
            Shameless Urge Ring 2 Destruction's End
            Luminary's Urge Hands Temple of Namari
            Exemplar's Urge Waist Cavern of Echoes
            Beacon's Urge Feet Pit of Anguish

            Table 10
            Set Items - War Rags of Shal'baas

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Burning Heart of Shal'baas Neck Silent Monastery
            Braided Serpent of Shal'baas Ring 1 Pit of Anguish
            Resting Fangs of Shal'baas Ring 2 Pit of Anguish
            Dozen Strikes of Shal'baas Hands Mad King's Breach
            Storm-Tack of Shal'baas Waist Forgotten Tower
            Wind-Trods of Shal'baas Feet Tomb of Fahir

            Table 11
            Set Items - Windloft Perfection

            Item Slot Dungeon
            Wisdom's Edge Neck Forgotten Tower
            Fairfleet Ring 1 Mad King's Breach
            Foulfleet Ring 2 Mad King's Breach
            Hurtling Steel Hands Tomb of Fahir 
            Whipcrack Waist Destruction's End
            Stump-Stir Feet Kikuras Rapids

            Table 12-A
            Set Items - Upgrade Cost - Rank 1-10

            Gear Rank Combat Rating Gain Scrap Materials Enigmatic Crystal Gold
            0 →  1   4 50 25 1,500
            1 →  2   4 75 50 4,000
            2 →  3   4 100 75 6,500
            3 →  4   4 125 100 9,000
            4 →  5   6 150 125 11,500
            5 →  6   6 175 150 14,000
            6 →  7   6 200 175 18,000
            7 →  8   8 250 200 22,000
            8 →  9 8 300 225 26,000
            9 → 10   10 400 250 30,000

            Table 12-B
            Set Items - Upgrade Cost - Rank 11-15 

            Gear Rank Combat Rating Gain Reinforced Scrap Materials Cryptic Crystal Gold
            10 →  11   10 300 200 22,000
            11 →  12   12 400 300 26,000
            12 →  13   12 600 500 30,000
            13 →  14   14 800 700 35,000
            14 →  15   14 1,000 900 40,000
            • Ancient Elites Have a chance of dropping Legendary item.  After you have damaged the Ancient Elite a little, wait to make sure that all of your teammates are right next to you and have each damaged the Ancient Elite.  If your party is not full ... invite a friend(s) and DM them ... telling them "Ancient Elite on me" ... this is obviously just a really nice thing to do and you are significantly more likely to receive invites from them when they find an Ancient Elite and Hidden Lairs.

            • Have an understanding of how Combat Rating is calculated.4  Combat Rating = Total points of Attributes from gear + Resonance + Legendary Gem(s) Buffs (e.g., second line of gear that reads: +66 Combat Rating). 

              Combat Rating is the most important thing (not Resonance) when running dungeons, overworld, and raids ... anything PvE.

              Resonance is the most important thing (not Combat Rating) when doing anything PvP.  Sets are important as well in PvP.

            • Be aware that the only way to get the 2 Star Gem Fervent Fang is via the Battle Pass and Boon of Plenty.

            • Hidden Lairs are so good.  I really enjoy finding Hiddens.  Normal Gems drop (18 daily ... 9 bound and 9 unbound) and I got a triple Attribute triple Magic item ... which was a huge upgrade.  You can search online for maps that have marked all of the possible locations of Hidden Lairs in each zone. 

            • Have patience when upgrading and slotting Normal Gems. Play in a Party of 4 ... so that normal Gems drop.  12 Normal Gems daily.  So 12 plus 18 from Hidden Liars equals 30 Normal Gems per day.

              Refinement of Normal Gems ... placement maters ... Slot your highest ranking yellow gems in your Hands for Damage increase, Neck, Ring 1, Ring 2, Belt, and Boots increase Life.  Belt and Boots give the most Life increase ... so slot your highest ranking Blue gems in your Boots ... and your highest ranking Red gems in your Belt.  watch this short video by Lida on YouTube

              Ranking up one normal gem from Rank 1 to Rank 10 will take 19,683 normal gems and a bunch of Echo Crystal.  Just because you can rank up a Normal Gem doesn't mean should.  For example, having three Rank 3 Tourmaline equipped might be better than combining those three to form one Rank 4 Tourmaline.5  See Tables 13-A and 13-B below.

            Table 13-A
            Normal Gems (Rank 1) required to make one Rank 2 ... Rank 10

            Rank Duplicates (Rank 1)
            2        3
            3        9
            4       27
            5       81
            6     243
            7     729
            8   2,187
            9   6,561
            10 19,683

            Table 13-B
            Normal Gem - Tourmaline 

            Rank Damage
             1   8
             2  16
             3  32
             4  56
             5  92
             6 148
             7 216
             8 292
             9 380
            10 480
            • 1 Star Gem Rank up requirements.  Understand the quantity and quality of materials that are required to rank up a 1 Star Gem.  To rank up a 1 Star Gem from Rank 1 to Rank 10 you will need 196 Gem Power and 5 Duplicates (Rank 1).6  See Table 14 below.

            Table 14
            1 Star Gem
            Upgrade Recipe and Quantity of Materials Required 5

            Gem Rank Gem Power Duplicates (Rank 1)
            1 →  2    1
            →  3    5
            →  4   10
            →  5   15
            →  6   20 1
            →  7   25 1
            →  8   30 1
            →  9   40 1
            → 10 50 1
            • 2 Star Gem Rank up requirements.  To rank up a 2 Star Gem from Rank 1 to Rank 10 you will need 685 Gem Power and 40 Duplicates (Rank 1).  See Tables 15-A and 15-B below. 

            Table 15-A 
            2 Star Gem
            Upgrade Recipe

            Gem Rank Gem Power Duplicates (Rank 1) Duplicates (Rank 3) Duplicates (Rank 5)
            1 →  2    5
            2 →  3   15
            3 →  4   25 1
            4 →  5   1 1
            5 →  6   1 1
            6 →  7   1 1
            7 →  8   2 1
            8 →  9 1 2
            9 → 10   3

            Table 15-B
            2 Star Gem 
            Upgrade - Quantity of Materials Required 

            Gem Rank Gem Power Duplicates (Rank 1)
            1 →  2     5
            →  3    15
            →  4    25 1
            →  5    20 2
            →  6    85 5
            →  7    85 5
            →  8   105 6
            →  9   150 9
            → 10 195 12
            • 5 Star Gem Rank up requirements.  To rank up a 5 Star Gem from Rank 1 to Rank 10 you will need 4,450 Gem Power and 73 Duplicates (Rank 1).  2/5, 3/5, 4/5, and 5/5 Star Gems all require the same quantity of materials to rank up.  See Tables 16-A and 16-B below.

            Table 16-A 
            5 Star Gem 
            Upgrade - Recipe

            Gem Rank Gem Power Duplicates (Rank 1) Duplicates (Rank 3) Duplicates (Rank 5)
            1 →  2    50
            2 →  3    75 1
            3 →  4   100 1
            4 →  5   1 2
            5 →  6   3
            6 →  7   2 1
            7 →  8   2 1
            8 →  9 1 2
            9 → 10   1 2

            Table 16-B
            5 Star Gem 
            Upgrade - Quantity of Materials Required 

            Gem Rank Gem Power Duplicates (Rank 1)
            1 →  2   50
            →  3   75 1
            →  4   100 1
            →  5   250 5
            →  6   375 6
            →  7   725 12
            →  8   725 12
            →  9   1,075 18
            → 10 1,075 18

            5 Star Gems
            Ranks 1-10, Resonance, etc. It was fun to figure the numbers for the 5 Star Gems below ... unless a really cool or strong gem is released ... i do not plan to make a chart for other 5 Star Gems..Seeping Bile … Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Poison Damage, etc.

            Bottled Hope ... Rank 1-10 ... Increase Damage and Movement Speed, etc.

            Howler's Call - … Rank 1-10: Resonance, Damage Increase, etc.

            Zwenson's Haunting ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Damage, etc.

            Howler's Call ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Damage, etc.Pheonix Ashes ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Damage Shield Absorbs, etc.
            Chip of Stone Flesh ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Explode %, etc.
            Blessing of the Worthy ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Damage, etc.
            Echoing Shade ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Shadow Clones, etc.
            Frozen Heart ... Rank 1-10 ... Resonance, Frigid Shield absorbs, etc.

            • Awakening You must have a Legendary Gem that is Rank 10 to Awaken gear.  You will need a Dawning Echo ... which can only be acquired for 1,000 Eternal OrbsPrimary Gear that has been Awakened, will have a purple boarder.  

            • Awakening How to transfer Awakening from one piece of gear to another.7  Please just watch the video by Cpt_N3m0 on the url below ... the part you want starts at the 5 minute mark.  I have successfully transferred Awakening without losing any resources ... the process is exactly like he says.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEDV3Z2qc8I

            • Family Set Bonuses When you rank up your Primary Gear from Rank 15 to Rank 16 you will get a third Random Bonus Attribute ... Rank 20 to Rank 21 you will get a fourth Random Bonus Attribute.  When you have 3 Bonus Attributes from the same family ... you get the Family Set Bonus.  Use Reforge Stones to roll Bonus Attributes.

            • Charms are strong.8  Skill Bonuses for Charms can roll +2%, +4%, +6%, +8%, or +10%.
            • Charm - Skill Selection Probability 
              • 2% Bonus: 74.8%
              • 4% Bonus: 19.5%
              • 6% Bouns: 4%
              • 8% Bouns: 1%
              • 10% Bonus: 0.7%
            • Consider your Graphics Settings.  Maximizing FPS is critical and helps your device not to run hot.
            • Help other players once in a while (e.g., they are lower level, paragon, and / or combat rating than you).  Approx. 50% of Diablo Immortal players have not played a Diablo game before. I really enjoyed playing Diablo 3 ... and I am looking forward to Diablo 4.

            • Sportsmanship.  Be kind to all players.  Please stay away from and do not engage in drama.  Also keep away from discussion politics, religion, and any other topics that are almost certain to get people worked up.  Relax, play the game and have fun.  
            • Farming etiquette ... if a full group of 4 are at a spot where you want to farm, please find another place to farm. 

            • Proc ... Programmed Random Occurrence.  Howler's Call procs a charging spirit wolf because the text reads "Your Primary Attack has a 10% chance to summon a charging spirit wolf" ... you don't know when it will happen.  Pheonix Ashes does not proc because the occurrence of preventing fatal damage is not random ... it happens 100% of the time unless it was triggered in the last 180 seconds.  Nevertheless, you might hear players referring to something that procs ... that is not a random occurrence.    

            • Do not think or feel like you need to spend money on the game.10  If you do spend money ... the Battle Pass is a great deal ... Boon of Plenty is also great if you can log in every single day.  After those, the one-time purchases will get you significantly more than simply buying Eternal Orb packs and then buying Eternal Legendary Crest.

            • Battlegrounds Affectionately referred to as the bg's.  Rewards: Aspirant's Keys, Glowing Shard, Reforge Stone, etc.  Reaching Rank Legend and Placing in the Top 1,000 at the end of a reign will award you 82 Reforge Stones.  To be strong in PvP ... focus on increasing your Damage, Life, and Setsbecause these are not nerfed in PvP.11  

              You should be aware that the devs have a patent on the algorithm for matchmaking.  The algorithm is designed to reward players that recently spent money.  Specifically, players that have recently spent money will be matched against a team of very weak opponents.

              Here is an example: US10857468B2 - Systems and methods for dynamically weighing match variables to better tune player matches - Google Patents

              Resonance is the most important thing (not Combat Rating) when doing anything PvP.  Sets are important as well in PvP. 

            • Max Levels
              • Resonance: 7,560
              • Paragon: ???
              • Deeds of Valor: 3 Akeba's Chosen (+36% Damage and Life increase)
              • Shadow Rank: Whisper IV (+32 Damage and Defense increase)
              • Legacy of the Horadrim: 540 (each stone Level 60)
              • Helliquary: ???

            • Clan Merger ... from what i have seen, clan mergers are synthetic growth ... we are interested in slow organic growth.  People have asked me directly if I would consider a clan merger.  They want position(s) in the clan and / or a clan name change.  I have zero interest in changing our clan name.  And I have zero interest in removing our clan officers from their positions ... they are great. 

              After people tell me what a clan merger would look like ... I let them know that we are continuing to grow and get stronger and that they are welcome to join our clan. 

              I believe our clan has good people and a good culture ... and I have zero interest in making a decision that might make the clan stronger quickly ... because that could have a significant negative impact on our clan members and the culture of our clan. 

              We saw this play out on a macro scale when servers merged ... before servers merged, world chat was not toxic, wild, whatever you want to call it ... and for the most part ... everyone got along with each other.

            • Leadership ... I formed the clan so i could do Shadow activities.  I considered joining someone else's Dark Clan ... however, i didn't agree with how they operated.  Specifically, I did not want to join a Dark Clan that had a schedule of mandatory activates, or removed players if they did not log in for 3 days, etc.  Forming a Dark Clan, during the beginning of June 2022, was relatively easy ... I was a Shadow and paid 3,000 Platinum to form the Dark Clan ... Chaos For Lunch.  Then when the reign of the first Immortal (an NPC) ended, our Dark Clan was converted into an Adventure clan ... and the game said we needed 30 Akeba's Signets to become a Dark Clan again.  So if there was an option to pay 3,000 Platinum, I guess I missed that.  Apparently, the game would not let me acquire 30 Akeba's Signets ... so i invited people to our clan so they could help with that.  We became Shadows again.  Then, and fairly quickly the problem starts ... I became friends with a lot of the players that joined our clan.  So instead of simply having a Dark Clan so I could do Shadow Activities ... I have this friends in game ... that I don't want to let down by having a totally garbage clan.

              I believe that people can be leaders and not in a leadership position.  I also believe that someone can be in a leadership position and not be a good leader. 

              We have many players in our clan that are good leaders that are not clan officers.  I think the devs should add a way for all clan members to rank up in the clan ... ranking up would be based only on clan participation ... like Shadow War, running Dungeons, Raids, Challange Rifts, etc. with clan members.

              And the devs have this great quality of life thing if a leader is not active. 
              Blizzard Support - Replacing an Inactive Clan Leader in Diablo Immortal (battle.net)
            • Clan Officers ... When the time comes, leadership roles will most likely be assigned to players base on participation and contribution to our clan.  Clan Officers, under the direction of our clan leader, are responsible for making sure everything (e.g., Shadow Wars, Rite of Exile, etc.) runs smoothly for our clan. 
            • When we reach 100 Clan Members ... most likely we will remove inactive or less active members, so that active players can join and contribute.

            • Recruiting 
              • When someone is in a Dark Clan ... they will need to leave their Dark Clan ... wait approx. 12 hours ... then then can join our Dark Clan.
              • How to help someone that is an Adventurer join our Dark Clan.
                • The person needs to click on their Adventurer tab
                • Select ... Clan Members
                • Select ... More
                • Select ... Leave Clan
                • After they leave their Adventure clan ... that person needs to Enter the Shadow Lottery (Join Shadows or Shadow Trial), get selected, then complete the Prove Yourself task.
                • After they become a Shadow ... they can apply to our Dark Clan and / or you can invite them to our Dark Clan.
            • There is no requirement for our clan members to join the Chaos For Lunch partners or affiliates programs.

            Current Equipment
            Platform: iPad Pro 11-in. (3rd generation)
            Headset: EPOS I SENNHEISER - GSP 600 - Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset
            Adapter: Belkin RockStar 3.5mm Audio + USB-C Charge Adapter
            Gloves: Giro Zero CS Men's Road Cycling Gloves - Black 
            Finger Sleeves: Chaos For Lunch Finger Sleeves 

            Graphics Settings

            Chaos For Lunch Diablo Immortal Graphics Settings

            *** Important Disclosures ***
            We have not received compensation from Apple, Belkin, Blizzard Entertainment, EPOS / Sennheiser, Giro, or any of the brands and individuals mentioned on this page.

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            10.   The 3/5 star Blood-Soaked Jade that I have dropped after a rift run ... I could not believe it ... my first 3/5 star gem and the best gem in the game.  I bought the 3/5 star Bottled Hope from the Market for approx. 40k Platinum.  I had that Platinum after I sold a 2/5 star Blessing of the Worthy that dropped in a rift run.  The 2/5 Seeping Bile dropped in a rift run.  My 4/5 Howlers Call dropped on a rift run ... it is my second 4/5 star gem.  I consider all of those drops extremely lucky and I would not play the game counting on or hoping for anything like what I experienced.
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