Call of Duty: Mobile - Settings and Pro Tips

by Chaos For Lunch 

Updated: 2022-01-16
Published: 2022-01-03 

Some of this info will sound familiar to the people that have read our post on PUBG mobile - Settings

Current Equipment
Platform: iPad Pro 11-in. (3rd generation)
Headset: EPOS I SENNHEISER - GSP 600 - Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset
Adapter: Apple USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter

I wear gloves when i play ... to prevent sweaty palms and fingers. I use the Giro Zero CS Men's Road Cycling Gloves - Black

i started using finger sleeves on 2021-04-10 ... and i recommend them. It feels like my thumbs glide across the screen without friction. I do not play claw ... i use two thumbs ... once in while i use my right pointer finger to bring the map up in game. Also, when i touch the screen ... it feels way more responsive with little or zero input delay.  

After being unsatisfied with the finger sleeves that were available … and extensive product testing, we decided to launch a new product under the Chaos For Lunch brand.

Chaos For Lunch Finger Sleeves for mobile gaming

Chaos For Lunch Finger Sleeves

*** Important Disclosures ***
We recommend these products because we use them.

We have not received compensation from Apple, Call of Duty: Mobile, EPOS / Sennheiser, Giro, or TiMi Studio Group for our reviews and recommendations.

Settings → Basic BR Mode
I am only listing the settings that i feel are relevant.

  • Aim Assist: On
  • Hide Prone Button (Hold Crouch to Prone): Off
  • Gyroscope: Off
  • Camera FOV - FOV Range (First Person Only): 90
  • Camera FOV (TPP) - FOV Range (Third Person Only): 80
  • FOV - FOV (FPP): 100

Settings  Audio & Graphics → Graphics

  • Graphic Quality: Low
  • Frame Rate: Very High
  • BR Mode Graphic Style: Dynamic
  • Real-Time Shadows: Off
  • Realistic: Scope: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: Off
  • Adjust Screen: Auto Adjust
  • Shader Preload: Yes

You want to maximize frames per second (FPS).
So, you must reduce graphics (how pretty stuff looks) to increase FPS.
Shadows off will increase FPS and make it easier to see enemies.
Anti-Aliasing off will increase FPS ... some lines in game will appear jagged instead of straight.

Charge your device while you are playing so that you have full battery charge while playing.
Close all other apps while playing.
Eliminate or reduce other devices that are using internet bandwidth on your internet network ... you can control this with a gaming router.

Settings → Audio & Graphics → Audio

Wi-Fi Settings
2.4 GHz provides Wi-Fi to a large area but upload and download speeds are slower than 5 GHz. 2.4 GHz is good if the router is another room, or the Wi-Fi signal passes through walls. 5 GHz provides faster speeds to a smaller area ... so use 5 GHz and make sure you are close to the router

Do not use VPN ... I have heard (I do not know if it is true) that Call of Duty: Mobile has banned people that play while connected to VPN.

Make sure your device has plenty of storage space available.

Make sure your device has plenty of fast RAM (Ready Access Memory) and that you cache out Virtual RAM once in a while.

If your game is not running smooth, you might need to Repair the game ... log out, touch the Repair icon (wrench and screwdriver) near top right of screen ... select Delete the latest update ... touch Execute Repair ... restart game ... log in.

Once in awhile you should Restart your iPad or the device that you play on.  Here are the instructions for iPad:

  1. Press and hold either volume button and the top button until the power off slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. ...
  3. To turn your device back on, press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo.

Display & Brightness settings on my iPad Pro 11 inches:

  • Appearance: Dark
  • Automatic: Off
  • Brightness: 50%
  • True Tone: On
  • Night Shift: Off
  • Auto-Lock: Never

Unfortunately, i don't think that Call of Duty: Mobile has an option to share a Custom Layout.

Call of Duty: Mobile Custom Layout - Chaos For Lunch

Primary and Secondary guns on the right middle side of the screen.

"Exit" vehicles button near top right of screen ... so I don't accidently jump out of a vehicle. I moved the "Drive" and "Get in" buttons close to the "Exit" button.

I moved the "Open" door button so that the bottom right screen area would be clear ... specifically so i wouldn't accidently touch the "Open" button when I'm next to a door. I do have auto open doors on.

Button layout that will work best for you might be slightly different ... it depends on the device you play on and your hand size.

Once you have a good button layout ... it will take practice so that you don't have to think how much to move your thumb or look where a button is ... when you have movements committed to muscle memory, you will be a formable challenger in game.

I strafe in a non-predictable manner. Most enemies need you to be standing still so they can shoot well ... oh and they need to be still and scoped in too.

I prefer to shoot with the AK117:

  • Muzzle: OWC Light Suppressor
  • Optic: Classic Red Dot Sight
  • Stock: OWC Skeleton Stock
  • Perk: Wounding
  • Ammunition: 40 Round Extended Mag
Chaos For Lunch Call of Duty: Mobile AK117

I play using two thumbs and almost all settings are default. I do use my right pointer finger once in a while to touch the map and to organize items in my backpack.

when i am playing smart and well ... I do not stay still unless i know or am pretty sure no enemy has an angle on me. How do i know? Based on in game situational awareness ... the easiest example is if only 2 players are alive and it's me vs. the enemy and i know where the enemy is because i saw him across the map ... then yes i am ok with standing still behind a rock or house because he can not eliminate me unless he has a hack that bends his bullets in the air. When more guys are alive in game, knowing is less likely, the situation is significantly more dynamic, and so your conclusions move from knowing to various degrees of probability. One scenario would be if you have ultimate high ground (no one is higher in elevation) than you ... then you could safely go prone and chill and not move ... no one can shoot you and you will hear anyone that comes near you.

If a guy is willing to hold a position and not move ... it is hard to beat him 1v1 in a gun fight even if you are a good player. So beware that there could always be a player that is willing not to move ... the best way to beat this type of player is by moving from hard object (e.g., rock, tree ... not a bush) to hard object in a non-predictable manner (the enemy is most likely waiting for you to be still so he can shoot you) ... if an enemy does shoot you while you're moving (that's great he just gave you two bits of information: his position and what gun he is using) quickly know which direction he is shooting from and get behind the hard object ... heal ... maybe place smoke nades ... decide if it's a good fight to fight ... fight or disengage.

Deciding when to fight is extremely contextual ... the decision is based on your location and the location and distance to the safe zone, loadout, health, amor, supplies, the enemy's position, and what you think his loadout and condition is.

The short version is that you always want to fight on your terms. The best examples are: you third party when two enemies are fighting, you shoot a guy that is getting pressured or in the blue, you see i guy and you are pretty sure he did not see you.

Clean Screen
Keep the screen of your device that you're playing on clean ... something soft like a microfiber cloth might work well.  Even if your hands, gloves, finger sleeves, and area that you are playing in are absolutely clean ... the screen will get smudge marks on it from touching it. 

Love Note
Do not give your Call of Duty: Mobile log in credentials to anyone. Do not tell anyone what app or method (e.g., on iPad Pro: Guest, Call of Duty, Facebook, Apple) you use to log in to Call of Duty: Mobile. If it is an option, enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with the app you use to log in. Don't let other people play on your account. Don't let other people use your device for anything. Have a passcode (not fingerprint, not face recognition) on your device. Don't tell anyone your passcode on your device.

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  • Wow. I love seeing your Control, and Audio/Graphics settings for Call of Duty Mobile. Moving buttons ‘ exit’ vehicle and ‘open door’ will save me from the repeated fumbles I’ve made using both. Great information all round. I look forward to improving my game with your advice. Great website . Thanks !

    c2000 : COD Mobile

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